Happy Reformation Day!

While most prepare for a night of trick-or-treating and others prepare to stay locked up in home with the front lights off, your nerd-in-residence pastor will spend this day and evening celebrating Martin Luther. (Side note: disappointingly, i’ve yet to find a good 16th c. German monk costume to wear out with the kids. Meanwhile […]

Prayer Walking Your Mission Field

As Marc and I walked the streets of Penygroes, we were charged with three tasks: pray for those we see and that which we observe, record that which seems of significance, and engage in general conversation those who seem willing to talk or answer questions. As we prayed and mapped the village we were blessed […]

Welcome to Wales

Marc and I have arrived in Wales! After a day of adjusting to the time and meeting many of the members of the CeLT, we have gotten some sleep and are now up for a day of presentations and meetings to learn about the mission of the CeLT overall to the Celtic languages people groups […]

Scriptural Thought: Psalm 2

Not to say that some psalms or passages of Scripture are¬†unimportant, but Psalm 2 is inarguably one of the most theologically significant and jam-packed chapters of Scripture. It holds historical significance, as it was used as a coronation song for the kings of Israel. The reading/singing of Psalm 2 during the coronation would identify the […]

Going to and Praying for the Nations

As you enter our sanctuary now, you’re likely to notice something different, which would be the addition of twelve flags to the American and Christian flag that have always stood behind the choir loft. These flags are not random nor are they there to introduce some color or make the church feel like the U.N. […]