Being the Gospel – Prayer thought: Phil. 1:9-11

As the Gospel transforms our hearts to desire what God desires and to be what God has made us to be in Christ, Paul says that we then, as a church, are to reflect that reality in all our actions. Specifically, he prays that the church would be, “filled with the fruit of righteousness that […]

Being in Heart Who We Already Are in Christ – Prayer Thought: Phil. 1:9-11

We’ve prayed for the love of God to flow richly through us as a fellowship; we’ve prayed to be filled by the Spirit with knowledge of God’s will and discernment on how to follow Him; we’ve prayed that God would stir our affections for Him that as a church we would most collectively desire what […]

An Evangelical, Scholarly Review of Ridley Scott’s Exodus: Gods and Kings

You’d have to be living under a rock to have missed the release of a new movie about Moses and the Exodus staring Christian Bale. Dr. Chip Hardy, Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, recently wrote a review of the movie from a biblical perspective. It’s worth a read: “When […]

Religious Affections – Prayer Thought: Phil. 1:9-11

The great pastor-theologian Jonathan Edwards defined religious affections as “the more vigorous and practical exercises of the inclination and will of the soul.” He adds that these affections, “motivate the soul to seek and cleave” to the things of God. For Edwards, who was cursed by an incomprehensible philosophical brilliance, the will is what actually […]

Be Thou My Wisdom – Prayer Thought: Phil. 1:9-11

The providence of God is defined in part as God’s gracious outworking of his purpose in Christ which issues in his dealings with humankind. In simpler terms, providence may be understood as God’s interjection with us according to His sovereign will. The providence of God may be illustrated by this week’s prayer passage. “It is […]

What is Advent?

Last year we began celebrating the advent season as a church on Sunday mornings and, no doubt, you’ve already noticed we are continuing this new tradition again this year. Advent is a season of the year when the church prepares to celebrate the birth or coming of Jesus. Most notably, it ought to be a […]

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