Recognizing Our Sin So That We May Be a Blessing – Prayer Thought: Daniel 9:1–19

The book of Daniel is my favorite book of the Bible. I don’t know quite what it is about the book but it has blessed and transformed me in so many ways both personally and pastorally over the years. I found it quite appropriate this week in light of our study in Genesis 34–37:1. We […]

Praying God’s Covenant – Prayer Thought: Gen. 32:9-12

As we saw Sunday morning, Jacob’s prayer for protection before meeting Esau provides us a beautiful model for how to pray according to God’s Word. In this prayer we see Jacob appeal to the covenant God made. In other words, “God you have sworn to do this! Therefore, because of who You are, because You […]

10 Simple Ways to Be Missional

Some simple encouragement for all of us on how the easiest of routines can lead us to be effective proclaimers of the Gospel!

Why the issue with images of Muhammed?

While some of us may be more familiar with the details of the Islamic religion than others, no doubt we all likely have some unanswered questions as to the cause of the violence in France (and many other places in the last few years) over the image of Muhammed and other satirical treatments of the […]

Two Lies that Keep Families from Being Missional

Check out this great article over at the Verge Network on being missional communities!

Confronting God’s “Idleness” – Prayer Thought: Hab. 1:12–17

Aiden (my 2 1/2 year old) does this thing now where he’ll ask to do a puzzle, so I’ll go to the closet where we keep the puzzles to pick it out. In the 15 seconds, however, that it takes me to get the puzzle he’ll start stomping his feet and whining, as if his […]

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