Are there Bullies even in the Church?

Check out this blog post from Thom Rainer, president of LifeWay, on the presence of bullies in the church, the traits of such bullies, and why zealousness for the Gospel must be our response to bullies around us! Nine Traits of Church Bullies and Check out this follow up post: Nine Ways to Deal with […]

Praying Theologically – Prayer Thought : Matt. 6:5-9

That word ‘theological’ can have negative connotations for some, as theology can often seem dry or “heady,” devoid of faith and sincere emotion. This can the case sometimes, but true theology is anything but dry or academic. True knowledge and study of God always leads to true godly wisdom which leads to true godly living […]

What to Make of Wayward Children of Christian Parents

It’s a question that you cannot avoid: what do we make Christian parents whose children turn out to reject the faith? What do we make of those children who make professions as children but don’t seem to live that way when older? Are parents to blame when they’ve done all they can? These are not […]

Stop Just Going to Church

Check out this post today from the Verge Network.

Genetics Only Confirming What Was Shared on Wales Sunday

Though we certainly are facing our own issues in the States concerning racial differences and distinctions, we really are much more unified among our different cultures in the States that in other parts of the world. In other words, we don’t experience racial divide in the U.S. nearly as acutely as in the rest of […]

Gender vs. Sexuality, All in Fallen World

Sunday night in our study “Knowing God” we discussed the creation of humanity, focusing largely on human sexuality as created by God but now distorted by the Fall. Because our study proved to be largely congregation dominated (meaning lots of questions and comments) I chose not to publish it online. When I teach or preach […]

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