Gender vs. Sexuality, All in Fallen World

Sunday night in our study “Knowing God” we discussed the creation of humanity, focusing largely on human sexuality as created by God but now distorted by the Fall. Because our study proved to be largely congregation dominated (meaning lots of questions and comments) I chose not to publish it online. When I teach or preach I do so knowing my comments will be produced on the internet, but I did not want to assume the same out of those who participated Sunday night. But for those of you who were not present we got talking about sexuality versus gender. Culture, today, distinguishes the two saying the physiology and mindset/orientation are two different things. Scripture says that at least in the Garden the two were one, however.

What of the effects of the Fall though on our sexuality? For example, God created sex to be a good gift and yet human history has been dominated by humanity’s corruption of sex. Not only, though, do we actively choose to distort what God has made but in many ways our sexual nature and understanding of gender has been corrupted as well. In other words our sexuality is broken by sin and can only be fixed by Christ. Thus, it is biblically false to say “God made me gay, transgendered, etc.,” for Genesis 1 & 2 make it quite clear God made male and female distinctively and complementary for one another. However, sin has distorted God’s creation. To what extent? Well, that matter continues to be debated.

I bring this up because it’s vital that we as followers of Jesus be able to both affirm God’s intention for human beings while also recognizing the immense complexity of human sexuality because of sin . Questions of gender and sexuality are being asked and we must be ready to answer. Our problem is that our answers have largely been off-base thus far. You see on one extreme you have the response made by the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). This response completely accepts a Gay, Bi-sexual, transgendered lifestyle as permissible, which runs directly against what Genesis 1 & 2 teach us as God’s intention for male and female. However, on the other hand many Evangelicals have been quick to dismiss every homosexual temptation or act as simply a rebellious choice. We have shown little to no love or compassion to those claiming to be transgendered because we think they are just trying to be provocative and rebellious against God. But what of little children who claim a different orientation, or testimonies of believers who struggled with homosexuality before (and even after) Christ. Is it a choice, is it a byproduct of sin corrupting our sexuality, is it sometimes a combination of both? Just read this article and consider the manner. I’m not advocating the position in this article, please note! Just using it as an example of how our culture is responding. There is an awful lot that I think is completely wrong in the response argued for here, but the core problem of a child not understanding their gender is all too real and we need to know how to biblically respond to it.

This is a conversation to be had. But here are a few things we must affirm along the way:

1. God created in the beginning men and women to be distinct from one another, but alike in more ways than different.

2. God’s desire for men and women is to marry one another and to confine the gift of sex solely to that union of a man and woman.

3. Adam’s sin corrupted what God made, corrupting both our hearts and the physical world itself. Thus…

4. What humanity is today is not what God made Him to be

5. Jesus Christ is the only restoration of humanity. We must surrender our hearts, our opinions, and our bodies to His calling.

6. We all are sinners; we have all perverted and distorted sexuality. Thus, we all are in desperate need of restoration and healing.

7.To act upon homosexual desires is a sin, just as is heterosexual lust, sex outside of the marital union, and the use of pornography.

8. We must want to be who God calls us to be and surrender our sexuality to Him, as revealed in His Word

9. The church cannot be driven by public opinion or “scientific/sociological” findings. We interpret these things and respond to them with the only authority: the Word of God.

10. We must treat those who experience inclination toward homosexuality or who struggle with gender/sexuality questions of orientation with grace, love, and listening ears. We must weep with them not yell at them, while also clearly pointing them (as we point ourselves) to Christ. For the person who truly seeks to be what God has made them to be, there is the promise of rescue and hope. To anyone who is looking for Jesus to just affirm who they already are and want to be, then Christianity is a waste of time for them and the Gospel has nothing to offer.