Genetics Only Confirming What Was Shared on Wales Sunday

Though we certainly are facing our own issues in the States concerning racial differences and distinctions, we really are much more unified among our different cultures in the States that in other parts of the world. In other words, we don’t experience racial divide in the U.S. nearly as acutely as in the rest of the world. This likely has to do with the melting pot nature of the founding and growth of our country: racial/cultural diversity is built into our D.N.A. as a nation. (I’m tempted to start talking about how the church should reflect this diversity if we want to reach our diverse mission field, but I’ll leave that for another day)

Instead, I wanted to simply share this morning an interesting article my father shared with me this morning on the distinct, genetic differences even in visually homogenous unions like the U.K. Check it out below:

Forever England?