That We Would Be Who God Wants above Our Wants – Prayer Thought: 1 Thess. 5:23-24

I’m a sucker for benedictions! Not only are they some of the most beautiful passages in the New Testament, but they are tremendous promises of God to us in Christ Jesus. The word ‘benediction’ comes from the Latin word benedictio meaning blessing. Simply put, the benedictions we receive in Scripture under the inspiration of the Holy […]

Praying for God’s Glory – Prayer Thought: Acts 4:24–31

Recently I received word of a missionary family in a hostile country is having their visa renewal declined by the government. Other missionaries they know in the country are encountering the same tragic news. Another colleague recently shared with me rising racial tensions and drug-related crime that is decimating their community and hindering the mission […]

What’s More Important: Sunday Mornings or the Rest of the Week?

As we talk as a church to taking “church” into our neighborhoods, workplaces, and social spheres there is a tendency to reduce the value of Sunday morning corporate gatherings. In other words, its a false assumption to think that Sunday mornings are the primary place where “people get saved,” or discipleship happens At the same […]

Sunday, March 1 Activities Cancelled

Good morning Church family, Due to icy conditions and low, freezing temperatures, we will be playing it safe and canceling all activities for the day, both morning and evening. Check out the sermon page of the website for a Scriptural devotion and worship at home today with your families! Grace and peace, Patrick

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