Redeeming the Church – Prayer Thought: Psalm 25

There’s a lot that could be said about Psalm 25: David’s plea for vindication, his request for mercy, grace, and instruction, his confession of affliction. But the thing that I want us to focus on this week is verse 22: Redeem Israel, O God, out of all his troubles You see David’s enemies were not […]

A Few Things “A.D.” Got ‘Wrong’

With tonight’s second episode of A.D. getting ready to go I realized I needed to catch up on last week’s episode and highlight some things I found less than accurate with the first. “Wrong” is such a harsh word, however, so instead, I’ll simply say a few things from last Sunday’s episode that were questionable: The Crucifixion as […]

5 Things “A.D.” Got Right

There have been quite a few “docu-dramas” on Jesus in the recent weeks and most have aired to record audiences. At the same time, in all fairness to CNN and National Geographic, none of these compare to NBCs production, A.D.: The Bible Continues. A.D. carries with it the street credit of its predecessors’ overwhelming success, the name-recognition […]