Help! I’m too busy and can’t find the time to be “missional”!

Has this thought popped in your head before? Do you find yourself getting annoyed at Patrick every time he starts talking about being missional because you want to be so, but can’t find the time in your life to actually do it? Hopefully this encouraging video from Jayne Vanderstelt will encourage you to see that […]

What Does Everyday Life Look Like in a Missional Community?

We often see the big picture and know our strategy for being a people on mission following God in His, but sometimes we can get overwhelmed by the magnitude of the calling. What does day-to-day life look like for a missional people? Check out this clip below from Jeff Vanderstelt:

The Only Way to Make Disciples

In light of our summer small groups starting up on June 1, I’m wanting to highlight for us this week a few thoughts on what it means to make disciples, what it means to be a missional community, and to ask us to honestly evaluate our process of discipleship at Lake Gaston Baptist Church. In […]

Should We Be Missional or Attractional?

Should you be trying to be the church among your neighbors and friends or should you be trying to invited them to the church? Some great questions and thoughts over the North American Mission Board’s blog, click here!

Eight Steps Toward Church Unity

No church is immune to the struggle of preserving unity. Even the earliest churches as recorded in the New Testament struggled with this calling. Moreover, just recall how the disciples themselves bickered after the Last Supper concerning who was first among them. President of LifeWay, Thom Rainer, discusses this morning eight simple steps toward church […]