What Is Our Response in light of the SCOTUS Ruling?

Not surprisingly, many of you have asked me since Friday my opinion on the SCOTUS ruling. Even more have asked “What now?” There have been a number of terrific pieces written over the last number of days in response. Rather than try to condense what has been said, let me simply commend you to those […]

Why “My Home is My Refuge” is Idoltary

Anyone else feel convicted on this issue?

Three Things Needed for the SBC to Impact its Nation

As we strive to continue to impact our community and nation with the Gospel, consider these three challenges emerging from this year’s annual meeting of the SBC: Check it out here

We Have Lost the Wonder of God’s Word

God Wrote a Book from Desiring God on Vimeo.

Are you a disciple, first and foremost?

How NOT to Make Disciples

Are we quoting Jesus this week or actually following Him?

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