Are You “Churching”?

Church is More Than a Building | Jeff Vanderstelt from Saturate on Vimeo.

Monday Rewind

If you missed or want to revisit it again, check out Sunday morning’s look at What is the Gospel and What is the Church? Also check out Sunday evening’s look at “How Would Jesus Vote?”

Politics is Downstream from Culture

As Greg Thornbury argues below, “Probably the last place that can be rescued right now is politics, but that’s the thing that we run to first. But politics is downstream from culture.” Many of us feel confused about the course of our nation and its leaders…what should be the Christian’s response and engagement? Cain, Abel and […]

I’m Just So Busy…

No doubt the most common excuse I hear about living on mission or engaging daily in the mission of God is the busyness of life and our schedules. “How can I possibly fit one more thing in?” We need to stop thinking, however, as mission as a task of the day and instead as the […]