Worship Preparation Team

Worship Team Purpose and Guide



  • To craft each Sunday morning service in such a way that the congregation and visitors to LGBC can engage authentically with the written, sung, and spoken Living Word of God being individually transformed in heart and mind through the express working of the Holy Spirit and unified as a body of believers through the same.
  • To use such material that is doctrinally sound and edifying to the believers and convicting and guiding to the non-believers.
  • To consider the following criteria in priority order:
    • Must be Scripturally based and holden to the general interpretation of the Baptist Faith and Message
    • Must be God focused, not focused on fulfilling the needs of people which is only a byproduct of authentic worship. The prime product is the glorification of God and the adoration of God the Son, Jesus.
    • Must be cohesive in theme and presentation.
    • Must be diversely applicable and accessible to all ages and backgrounds generally in attendance.
    • Stylistic concerns are a final consideration. The message and intention of any musical or spoken leading must be of primary importance.
  • The Worship Team is to represent the church body in that participation is voluntary and open to all attending members. The Worship Team members should be consistent in attendance, transparent to the team and other church members, and considerate of the needs and opinions of others more than their own.
  • Change to any part of the worship service should be done for specific and citable purposes directly supported by scripture. Change for “change sake” is only applicable in the minutest sense when seeking to provide a fresh approach of worship, guiding others away from repetitive and mindless participation.


  • The Worship Team (WT) will meet at a prearranged time conducive for all volunteer members to be present. A minimum of once a month.
  • The WT meeting will begin and end with prayer, seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
  • Members will be encouraged to share prayer requests and devotional thoughts specific to the preparation and execution of the worship service.
  • The WT will seek to stay at least one month ahead of schedule in planning services.
  • The WT will communicate effectively and with proper notification to the Speaker, Audio Team, Deacons / ushers, and Office Administrator to ensure the service details are prepared such as bulletin and powerpoints.
  • The WT will seek to be present and actively participate in the services they construct. If they must be absent they will seek feedback from other church members who were present.
  • The WT will support each other both in meetings and to the rest of the congregation. The WT will seek to resolve differences of opinion patiently and in accordance with God’s Word as primary authority. The pastoral leadership of the church will carry final authority over unresolved differences that cannot be rectified through general interpretation of Scripture.
  • Scripture will be viewed as providing a parameter for effective worship planning not as a specific formula.
  • If the WT and the church at large sees fit to construct a Worship Identity document, this document will be a top priority and will involve the WT, the deacons, and ultimately the church. The Worship Identity document will be used as a filter and guide in the preparation, execution, and defense of worship services.


This document, respectfully submitted:

Rev. Josiah W. Antill

Associate Pastor for Family Ministry