5 Strokes in 7 Days: One Year Later

“Many women have done excellently, but she surpasses them all.” April 25 marked one year since the beginning of my five strokes. On April 25, 2016 I began feeling dizzy and disoriented after taking the trash to the dump. The next day I was in the hospital where results were inconclusive. That Friday, April 29 […]

‘Fixer Upper’ and New Creation

Teresa and I consider ourselves to be a very unique couple, never following trends, always finding new things before anyone else. So, naturally, we’re big in to HGTV’s ‘Fixer Upper,’ unlike every other 30 & 40something. Last night, we laid the kids down, did our nightly celebration of having survived another day with a four […]

New Study Finds that a Majority of People Believe in Sofia the First’s Magical Amulet

Now bear with me with that title. I know that there’s lots going on these days with ‘fake news’ and whether its a threat to the public or just good satire, but I promise not to engage in either. Instead, I really do believe that the majority of the human race believes in Sofia’s magical […]

What is Greater: The Right to Life or Autonomy?

As we approach January, a month in which many churches nationwide seek to draw attention to the sanctity of life, I have begun my own studies and preparations so that we as a congregation may discern what sacredness the Bible affords to all human life. Such preparations led me to an interesting article the other […]

Hope, Fruit, & Witness: A Word of Caution Concerning “Relationship Evangelism”

In Jesus’ parable of the wheat and the tares He teaches us that it is in His plans and for our benefit that we (His good seed in the world) live amongst the weeds of the world (lost people), which is why He doesn’t root out the weeds now or withdraw us from the world. […]

What is the Purpose of the Church? A Forum on December 4

Three years ago, we as a church adopted a central purpose statement for our congregation. That statement, which have committed to make the center of all do, is: Lake Gaston Baptist Church exists to glorify God, in loving Him and one another, by equipping and edifying believers to serve God’s Kingdom and make disciples of […]